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All of our Premium PLA products are made with NatureWorks USA Ingeo resin & our excellent impact modifier and performance additive package commonly known as PLA+ for increased durability.

We produce our filament in Indiana USA with state of the art industrial extrusion and laser based quality control equipment for trouble free and excellent looking prints.

Green renewable sources such as starch, corn or sugar cane create Polylactic Acid,  PLA filament. This means that it is better for the environment than other materials as it can be recycled. The perfect material to use in the process of prototyping and modelling with 3D printing. PLA filament is a popular choice in 3D printing.

In industries and companies where 3D printing is still a relatively new addition, PLA material is the best option. In the industry it is known as the easiest filament material to print. It is ideal for those who are looking to carry out fast prototyping.

3.5KG Jumbo Rolls available HERE

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