CARBON FIBER Nuclear Nylon v3

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MFG Atomic USA

  • $ 8999

Extreme Duty Carbon Fiber Black Nuclear Nylon v3 (Read complete page please)

 Available in ONE Pound & 1 Kilo (2.2 lbs) Black


This nylon is exceptionally stiff & strong and EASY to print with little to no warpage.

Prints exceptionally well with warm (60C) glass coated with PVA or Magigoo. Each roll includes a reusable moisture indicator card.

Engineering grade alloyed PA Copolymer resin, adhesion promoters , impact modifiers & USA made premium MILLED carbon fiber NOT powder or dust.


Filament and parts are NOT overly brittle like some other CF products. Excellent for professional looking & strong technical prints.


****This product is intended to be printed by EXPERIENCED NYLON users with the capability to store and handle nylon filaments while keeping them DRY / being able to DRY them when needed. This product must be stored properly and kept dry BEFORE AND DURING PRINTING, moisture will result in weak/failed prints and not valid for warranty claims.**** 



Carbon fiber infused filament benefits:

  • Massive increase to rigidity / strength
  • Highly desirable texture / look
  • Greatly reduced part shrink / warp
  • Greatly reduced stringing / angel hairs
  • Printed parts hold better details / sharp corners


Quality / Specs

 Print nozzle temp -  260-280C

       Print nozzle size -  0.40mm minimum or 0.50 or larger is best

       Print Speed - 35 to 45 mm sec. - Hardened nozzle recommended.

 Heated Bed temp - 60c - Glass with PVA or Magigoo OR other nylon friendly adhesion platforms.

 Diameter (volumetric variation XY combined) + - 0.05mm or better

 Roundness ( ovality ) + - 0.04 mm or better

* this product is abrasive to print nozzles / hardware.

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Tim H.
United States United States
I recommend this product
STRONG! But poor layer adhesion. CF PCTG would be much better!

I was very impressed by the horizontal tensile strength of this filament - Over 13,000 KPSI. The layer adhesion was much less - Only about 5,000 PSI. For reference NylonX from Matter Hackers has a horizontal tensile strength of 11,000 PSI and a vertical layer adhesion of 7,000 PSI. The filament warped less then other Carbon Fiber Nylons, but still enough to be troublesome. Impact resistance was not horrible, but less then NylonX and much less then a good PLA+. If you need pure horizontal tensile strength, this is the stuff! All in all it depends on what you are doing. For the stuff I do (3D printed lowers), the layer adhesion and warping make this a poor choice. Other applications would be different though. I think if Atomic would make a Carbon Fiber PCTG it would be AWESOME! PETG is way too brittle for tough applications. PCTG has good thermal resistance, great impact resistance and the addition of Carbon Fiber would give it a tensile strength of well over 8,000 PSI. Which is plenty for most applications. Also PCTG is a dream to print with. One last note, I recommend a nozzle temp of 280 C when printing Nuclear Nylon. Below this and the layer adhesion is compromised.

Atomic Filament

That is great information for our community! We have not worked with the PCTG. Good thought!

James A.
United States United States
I recommend this product

I was a little concerned when I looked at your recommendation about having experience printing Nylon. I have not been printing very long, bought the printer, it is a Creality Cr10s Pro V2. I only print out of a Sunlu spool holder heater and and in a tent. I have never printed Nylon before but look forward to a challenge. I dont have pics yet but this stuff prints unbelievably well. I am totally impressed and will be trying your PETG Carbon Fibre with my next order.

Atomic Filament

Thanks so much James for the review. Glad to hear its working for you! We literally cannot make it fast enough!

George N.
United States United States
I recommend this product
I really hated nylon until I used this… It’s incredible!

I have tried to master printing regular ol’ nylon for a very long time. No matter what, that stuff loved to warp, even in a heated chamber with no drafts… drove me nuts to the point where I just gave up on it unless I printed very small parts with little complexity. Enter NUCLEAR! NYLON!! V3!!! Granted, it took a little bit of fiddling (like maybe 3 small test prints) to get it down, but now I get absolutely beautiful and perfect prints. Seriously this stuff is bonkers. Incredibly though and durable, while looking cool to boot (basically no vertical artifacts at all). No warping, nothing. Only thing I would recommend is REALLY making sure this is dry. It was pretty darn dry when I got it, but I was getting a good amount of oozing during non-print-moves. I threw it in the oven for a few hours at 90°c: problem solved. Prints like a champ. Going to be using this for functional parts, as well as printing most of my next Voron with it. It’s gonna be sick. Thank you again to Atomic, as always, for putting out absolutely killer filaments. Really hope you all come out with CF Nuclear Polycarbonate next :) Current print settings: 260° hot end 100° bed (carbon fiber build plate) 20-45mm/s speed 2mm retraction

Atomic Filament CARBON FIBER Nuclear Nylon v3 ReviewAtomic Filament CARBON FIBER Nuclear Nylon v3 Review
Atomic Filament

George, thanks for the review and the suggestion! And also, thanks for the photos, our community loves photos of work!

Brad G.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Great Filament!

This is a great, easy to print CF Nylon filament. I get great prints at 260/60 with an enclosure. Never had a problem with warping. Make sure the filament it is dry! Love that it comes in 1kg rolls, hate that they’re out of stock right now. Would also love to see it offered in 3.5kg rolls. Keep up the good work!

Atomic Filament

Brad, thanks for the nice review and the input! We are working this week on fulfilling your requests!

Jeffrey W.
United States United States
I recommend this product
We have been using Atomic Nuclear for years and LOVE it!

We have used around 400 rolls of this filament and its never let us down! Its crazy strong but has a little flex on tall thinner parts so it doesnt break! we print it at 268 and bed temp 70.. We run our filament out of a heater box which keeps the filament dry which is a MUST..

Atomic Filament

Jeffrey, you are definitely a very good client. We really appreciate you and your kind words. That is great feedback for users too!

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