Atomic Filament FAQ

Common questions and answers for Atomic Filament


QDo your spools fit in the Bambu Labs AMS unit?

A: They are slightly too large and will rub causing issues for some users. You can read about a printable solution here 


Q: What type of shipping choices do you provide?

A:  Single 1KG rolls orders have low cost USPS Priority, UPS 2 Day available for urgent product needs, tell us in the notes at checkout.

Orders over $50 ship free to the US 48 states via Priority Mail or UPS, 2-5 rolls of 1 KG spools via Priority Mail, 6-100 rolls UPS. 90% of orders have a two day or less transit time. Large orders ship via UPS. We reserve the right to pick the carrier for free shipping options. We ship 95% of orders the same business day, delays are rare but can occur. If we have trouble fulfilling your order we will email or call you.  *** Overnight services are available , please email or call ****


Q: Where can I get SDS / MSDS sheets for your products and some guidance on proper usage?

A: All 3D printing filaments we sell should be used in a safe manner with adult supervision, adequate & proper air exchange should be used to exhaust fumes generated during 3D printing. Do not exceed operating temperatures listed on product labels. We have SDS sheets available below for each resin type.



Q: My product lost its vacuum seal, is it bad or full of moisture?

A: No, not at all, we package all filament with desiccant to keep surrounding air within the bag dry, this translates to a dry plastic filament product while still within its original package despite a small puncture. In addition we package all premium carbon fiber products with double desiccant and a ultra sensitive (reusable) humidity indicator card.


Q: Do you guarantee your products & what's your sales/return policy?

A: Our return policy is available here. Please also read our terms and conditions available here.


Q: What advantage does your product offer compared to the cheaper imported filaments?

A: Our products are produced using premium grade us made pigments & only virgin prime grade resins. We use top of the line industrial extrusion equipment and several multi axis high speed laser micrometers to ensure a excellent consistent diameter product for beautiful, reliable & strong 3D prints. Quality is our #1 focus.



Q: What are the dimensions of your spools?

A: Our 1 KG spools measure 8" diameter x 2.8" thick with a 2" arbor/mount hole, Our 3.5 KG spools measure 12" x 3.75" x 2" hole. 


Q: What's the typical diameter of you product?

A: We aim to produce our 1.75mm filaments around 1.745mm average & 2.85 / 3mm products around 2.88mm. This provides excellent compatibility with virtually all current printers on the market.



Q: Do you use scrap or recycled plastic for your filament? Will it clog my machine?

A: We use virgin prime grade PLA ,ABS, PETG resin for all our products. Our extrusion equipment uses a very fine high quality screen pack (polymer filter), This ensures filament free of contamination and excellent trouble free printing.


Q: Do different colors of filament print with different temperatures & settings?

A: All of our colors print nearly identical with the same temperature profiles. Many competitor products do not and this is unique trait of our product engineering.


Q: Do your pigments contain heavy metals such as lead and other toxic products?

A: All of our pigments come from a major US color lab, they are non toxic & ROHS compliant. While our raw PETG and PLA resin is approved for food contact , we are not a FDA approved facility nor is the final filament product FDA approved.

 FAQ Last modified - 3/24/24