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Available in 1KG and 3.5KG spools and in several colors, ABS has unique properties for many industries that want to 3D print functional parts or prototypes. Although it is more difficult to print than PLA, ABS is a popular alternative material for PLA & PETG due to its high temperature resistance (105c), excellent impact strength and ability to be solvent welded and vapor smoothed. It is opaque, offers smooth and semi gloss surfaces. ABS has poor UV resistance and should be painted if used outdoors. ASA would be ideal if used outdoors as it is similar to ABS but has much better UV resistance.

ABS has a printing temperature of 240-260C. The use of a heated build plate between 100 and 120°C is mandatory to obtain good quality prints.  A 3D printer with a heated enclosure is preferable because ABS performs best in a hot environment without drafts.

 ABS should be dried at 80C for a minimum of 6 hours for best performance if left out.

All of our ABS products are made with Prime grade virgin resin and premium colorants. We produce our filament in Indiana USA with state of the art industrial extrusion and laser based quality control equipment for trouble free and excellent looking & strong prints.

3.5KG Jumbo Rolls available HERE

ABS Safety data sheet ( SDS ) - Click Here


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