Extreme Impact Gun Metal Gray v2 PLA Filament

Extreme Impact Gun Metal Gray v2 PLA Filament

5 reviews

MFG Atomic USA

  • $ 3499

Extreme Impact Modified Gun Metal Gray v2 PLA Filament

Impact modified to reduce brittleness and increased part strength / impact resistance.

Our famous Gun Metal Gray PLA with a new EXTREME DUTY impact modifier.


 Print temp 190 to 230C

 +/- 0.02mm or less average diameter variation

 0.02 mm or less out of round 

Resin Type : Virgin NatureWorks Ingeo PLA + Extreme Impact Modifier

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Great Quality Filament

This stuff is night and day between the cheap filaments I can get on Amazon and USA made quality products. Printing at 215 nozzle and 70 bed with a Micro Swiss all metal hot end, it has wonderful adhesion and no stringing. Will be buying again at some point, just need to use up this one first.

Nicholas B.

Atomic Filament is the best you can get. Period. Ender 3 v2 is my printer of choice. All metal hot end Upgraded extruder 0.5mm nozzle currently Capricorn tubing Glass bed Do your calibration tests, but I get near perfection at 30-50mm/s 205~ nozzle 60 bed 3.5 retraction I've finally finished my first roll of this and on my 2nd roll and I freaking love it. If you're wondering if you should...yes. Yes. Then when you're still wondering - yes again and buy 2 rolls...seriously. Print those upgrade parts. Print those tools. This filament can take a beating.

Captain S.
Wonderful product, great adhesion and minimal warp!

I'm relatively new to 3d printing - and tried some cheap PLA from somewhere else first - had lots of problems with adhesion, warping, etc etc etc . Tried some other filaments as well, and while I got some prints to work, the results were very erratic. I heard of Atomic and bought a couple of kilos to give it a shot, and wow! I am sold on it. Adhesion is great, layout works, warpage just not a problem, and the color and quality are outstanding! Just thinking it was "newbie" errors - I was running out of the gunmetal gray and had part of an earlier roll left, so I switched back to it thinking "Well, I figured out what was wrong, probably just my settings..." NOPE! The filament quality was definitely the issue! Getting ready to order some more, I am VERY pleased with this product!

Very strong PLA prints

Atomic Extreme impact PLA is awesome. This filament lays down perfectly @220 nozzle @60 bed has a nice glossy sheen in a cool gunmetal grey color. The prints are super strong, I've been using it to make wall mount brackets for network equipment and drill jigs, this filament has performed flawlessly. Thank you Atomic Filament!

Great color and print quality

Printed great on my MK3S at 205c with minimal stringing and great quality that looks beautiful.

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