Light Gray Hi-Flow Pro PLA Filament

Atomic Filament

  • $ 3199

Light Gray HIGH FLOW PLA filament

Made with Premium Ingeo PLA & Atomics HI-Flow & Impact additive package.

If you are looking for a specialty light gray filament that has exceptional high flow properties for fast printing this would be the product for you.

Benefits of this product over our standard PLA offerings.

  • Twice the flow of regular PLA at the same temperature
  • Greatly reduced viscosity for less backpressure and stringing/blobs
  • Ability to print faster with less backpressure
  • Increased high speed performance especially with bowden extruders
  • Ability to run lower temps and maintain flow.

 Sample coils available! Click HERE



 Print temp 180 to 230C
 +/- 0.02mm or less average diameter variation
 0.02 mm or less out of round 
Resin Type : Virgin NatureWorks Ingeo PLA + Atomic Pro additive package

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