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Atomic Filament

Mysterious Abyss v2 Pearl PLA

Mysterious Abyss v2 Pearl PLA

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Mysterious Abyss v2 Pearl PLA

V2 Revision - Improved pearl depth and special FX look.

A beautiful mix of a deep green base pearl hidden behind a wall of deeper blue and red toned pearls with some micro glitter. The Mysterious Abyss PLA filament is an extraordinary 3D printing filament that showcases a captivating and intriguing deep blue-black color. It is specifically designed to provide a sense of depth and mystery to your 3D printed creations, adding an element of intrigue and fascination. 

***Print with thick layers for more pearl / glitter effect***

Sample coils available! Click HERE 

 Print temp 190 to 230C
 +/- 0.02mm or less average diameter variation
 0.02 mm or less out of round 
Resin Type : Virgin PLA + Atomic Pro+ additive package

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