Return Policy / Quality Guarantee

All of our products are thoroughly checked twice with state of the art laser measurement systems during spooling & production for print stopping defects such as lumps / nodes and oversize segments in addition to constantly monitoring consistent tight diameter. We also filter our melt thru fine mesh screens to remove the possibility of debris being embedded in the filament and clogging your machine. 


In the extremely rare case a defective roll is at question we will replace / refund once the defect is verified. Over 99% of the time the problem is with customer owned hardware or software settings.

Returns on unopened products due to customer error / no longer wanted must be FACTORY sealed and returned in new condition within 30 days free of damage. 

Refunds for refused & un-deliverable packages along with unopened still new items will have a restocking fee of 20% & deductions made relative to our costs incurred to ship your order out & fees charged to us by the carrier for your package being returned either for a bad address or refusal.

Products returned to us must arrive in good damage free condition to be eligible for a refund , pack your item well as it is your responsibility when shipping items back.


Frequently asked questions that are NOT valid for a return.

  • Bag lost tight vacuum seal (product is still good despite this)
  • Overstock / Clearance / Mystery boxes
  • Product is too difficult to print / requires higher skill set
  • Improper storage of product and no means to dry it correctly.
  • Improper handling and now the roll has tangles (we can help you fix this, email us please)
  • Product does not give expected print quality ( please email or tweak printer or settings , every product we make will turn out beautiful perfect or near perfect prints)


We reserve the right to refuse/cancel orders & suspend accounts for potential fraud , problematic / abusive customers & competitors aiming to reverse engineer / analyze our products.