Sample Coil PLA - Translucent Neon Yellow - UV Reactive

Atomic Filament

  • $ 339

Fluorescent Translucent Ultra Bright UV Reactive Neon Yellow

Glows under Black light / UV . Intense bright look under normal lighting also.

Check out our vast collection of 1.75mm filament sample coils. They are a great low cost opportunity to checkout new products or feed your 3D Pen  / Printer. 

Sample coils are 50 grams and come bagged with a desiccant packet to ensure dryness.

Available in 1KG rolls- Click HERE 

Quality / Specs
Print temp 190 to 230C
Diameter (volumetric variation XY combined) + - 0.02mm or less
Out of round ( ovality ) + - 0.02 mm or less

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