3.5KG Metallic Silver v2 PETG PRO

3.5KG Metallic Silver v2 PETG PRO

Atomic Filament

  • $ 11499

Metallic Silver v2 PETG Filament - Excellent color for rapid prototype / metal look machine parts

Has an excellent gloss/pearly aluminium appearance , this is V2 and features much improved shine & real aluminum luster.  This 3d printer filament is NOT abrasive.

Specifications :

Nearly ZERO warpage prints , extremely strong layer bonds , little to no odor at all.

Quality / Specs:

Print nozzle temp -  240 - 265C

Heated Bed temp - 70c  +- 10c

Diameter (volumetric variation XY combined) + - 0.02mm or better

Roundness ( ovality ) + - 0.02 mm or better

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