Dark Cherry Red PETG PRO

Dark Cherry Red PETG PRO

14 reviews

MFG Atomic USA

  • $ 3299

Dark Cherry Red Opaque PETG PRO

Deep , Rich , Vibrant color. A Top customer choice & best seller.


PETG is a newer printing filament and has the advantage of printing easily like PLA, but offering higher temp and impact resistance like ABS.

Nearly ZERO warpage prints , extremely strong layer bonds , little to no odor at all.

Quality / Specs:

Print nozzle temp -  232 - 265C

Heated Bed temp - 80c +-10

Diameter (volumetric variation XY combined) + - 0.02mm or better

Roundness ( ovality ) + - 0.02 mm or better

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Carroll C.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Dark Cherry Red PETG PRO

This is great stuff!

Atomic Filament

Thanks so much Carroll!

Jason W.
Bad roll?

Finally got around to trying this stuff. I like the filament, the color is very rich. It also prints decently, but tends to be a bit stringy and supports leave a lot of boogers on the print. It's also VERY brittle, I mean if I look at it wrong it snaps. Just not overly impressed as it is not the quality I usually experience from Atomic.

Vivid Color

The color is vibrant and consistent, it just looks amazing. The filament prints easily with no issues. This is my favorite PETG, it is strong and easy to print. I used this to print new parts for my printer and it looks really nice.

Allen P.
Truly amazing filament!

I have a RailCore printer & as such this is the de-facto ‘official’ color, so when I needed to print higher temp resistant parts I got some of the Dark Cherry Red PETG. All I can say is: ‘wow’. Printing the PETG was essentially just like printing the Dark Cherry Red PLA - excellent layer adhesion, great first layer bond, smooth printing right from the beginning almost regardless of settings. And there is essential no stringing and ooze either! (For me, once the nozzle gets up to temp a little bit of filament will trickle out continuously, even if I do a retraction, but it is a very small amount and seems to be fairly standard with PETG). I was getting a tiny bit of elephants foot, but that was primarily due to by powder coated PEI sheet not being very flat. So parts where there would be a slight dip in the surface could sometimes result in a tiny bit (~1mm) of curl at the corner/edge. As for the properties of the finished item - the parts are *extremely* strong. Blows nGen out of the water for less $! It should be noted that as with all AF, and I assume quality filaments in general, printing at a colder temp will give you a dull-er, matte finish. Printing at either a higher temp or with the part exposed to more heat (eg from the bed or nozzle being in the vicinity) will result in a nice glossy abs bright finish & even stronger layer bonding. So you can choose between two finishes for your prints with just one filament! Totally amazing, well worth the purchase!!!

David T.
The finest PETG I have ever used

I have been printing for about 6-7 years and I am very comfortable in saying this is the finest PETG I have used and I only use USA made filament unless I am in a pinch. This prints so smooth even at low infill and the color is just sublime. Everyone says "ohhhhh" when they check it out. You can not buy anything close to this quality on Amazon even at twice the price. It even prints great at speeds well beyond what most PETG can handle. Well done!

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