Carbon Fiber Ultra Black ABS

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MFG Atomic USA

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Carbon Fiber Ultra Black ABS 

Available in 1 Kilogram (2.2lb) & 3.5KG Jumbo Rolls - CLICK HERE

Our carbon fiber infused abs offers improved dimensional stability during printing (shrink), desirable low luster appearance plus a great feeling textured surface , excellent for technical prints & parts.

Prints with exceptionally good layer bonding , minimal shrink , matte finish that helps hide layers plus a more rigid finished part.

Made from our premium virgin ABS resin , milled carbon fiber, atomic ultra black pigment blend.


**This product is somewhat abrasive and will wear brass/aluminum nozzles, we recommend a hardened nozzle with prolonged use***


 Print temp 235 to 255C

 +/- 0.02mm or less average diameter variation

 +/- 0.02 mm or less out of round 

Free USA Shipping*

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Peter B.
Heat resistant

I used this fiber to make a defrost vent on the dash of my car after the PETG one warped due to high temperatures. The carbon infused ABS hasn't warped at all and we've had 95+ temps with enclosed car. Very easy to print and durable.

Best filament to ever pass through my extruder!!!

This stuff Is amazing. I have printed at least 30 parts for my next 3d printer and I have only had ONE failure, and even that was due to user error. Dimensional accuracy is fantastic just scale your model up by 1%. adhesiveness is great and as long as the printer is enclosed with a little adhesive, this stuff just doesn't warp, or at least it doesn't for me. I ordered a second roll and plan on ordering more in the future. This is by far my new favorite filament!!!

Jake S.
Part 2 to above.

As for dimensional accuracy/shrinkage/warp... It's still ABS and there still is a bit of this to contend with, though, once again, I'll give it to Atomic when they say "improved dimensional stability" and "minimal shrink". I haven't done any in depth testing, but I would guesstimate that shrinkage is somewhere in the neighborhood of 1% or less. I printed a new effector ring mount for my Delta printer last night with the last bit of my filament and it came out to be about 99.15% the size it should have been (no scaling applied in the slicer). Do your own tests, but I would suggest a scaling factor of no more than 1.0075-1.01 at most and only when that kind of dimensional accuracy is needed. There is a potential for warp, since it is still ABS, after all. The Best result I've had by far is heat bed at 100-110 degrees in an enclosed chamber on PEI with a layer of Vision Miners Nanotech polymer. Look it up. It reads like some kind of scifi techno babble, but I've found their claims to be very legit! I got their free sample, which was enough to coat 2 build plates, and have since printed a few dozen rather large parts in both PETG and ABS on just a single coating of the polymer. The ABS nearly fuses to it!!! A large, fairly thick print will come off easily enough by slightly flexing the plate. In sumation, If you need all the perks of standard ABS with a little extra oomph from the Carbon Fiber, don't hesitate to buy this Filament. Now, if they'd just get it back in stock. lol

Jake S.
Need MORE!!!!

Excellent quality and great printing! When they say +/- 0.02mm or less deviation in diameter, they mean it! I usually take a meter or two and average out the measurements with a precision micrometer from 10 points along the length. I've yet to have an average outside of about +/- 0.01. That's outstanding and really compliments ths 1.8mm Capricorn tubing I use in my printers (One Bowden and One Direct). The Carbon Fiber ABS is really nice. Do yourself a favor, though, and take the time to dial it in for your printer. I'm finding 240-250 to be a good temp range and I tweak my printers flow down from there to remove any zitting. I'm also of the opinion Slow and steady yields best results. I've been printing this at and below a base speed of 45-50mm/sec max, and sometimes tweak my printers speed multiplier down from there while printing. The Filament is very light! I printed a solid 1cm^3 Cube and estimate the weight at around.94 grams. If you're looking for strong and light, this should fit the bill! not sure whether that's due to the carbon fiber or the type of ABS Atomic uses, but Me Likey very much! lol *Edit My review got a little long, so I had to split it up a bit. lol :-)

Matthew S.
Easiest to print!

Absolutely awesome. Going to buy my second roll.

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