Carbon Fiber Ultra Black ABS

MFG Atomic USA

  • $ 2899
  • $ 8999

Carbon Fiber Ultra Black ABS - SPECIAL INTRO PRICE

Available in 1 LB Spools.

Our carbon fiber infused abs offers improved dimensional stability during printing (shrink), desirable low luster appearance plus a great feeling textured surface , excellent for technical prints & parts.

Prints with exceptionally good layer bonding , minimal shrink , matte finish that helps hide layers plus a more rigid finished part.

Made from our premium virgin ABS resin , milled carbon fiber, atomic ultra black pigment blend.


**This product is somewhat abrasive and will wear brass/aluminum nozzles, we recommend a hardened nozzle with prolonged use***


 Print temp 235 to 255C

 +/- 0.04mm or less average diameter variation

 +/- 0.02 mm or less out of round 

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