Gray Granite PLA Filament (0.60mm Nozzle)

Gray Granite PLA Filament (0.60mm Nozzle)

MFG Atomic USA

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Gray Granite PLA Filament - Metallic fleck filled dark gray filament for attractive looking prints with random silver fleck showing all over.

 *** PRODUCT WILL CLOG NOZZLES SMALLER THAN 0.5MM - We recommend 0.60mm nozzles or larger for this product***

This filament uses multiple different sized metallic fleck for a random and unique look to prints.  This product is not abrasive but will clog smaller nozzles due to metallic fleck.

Print with thick layers for maximum visual effect.

*Not responsible for clogged nozzles.



 Print temp 190 to 230C

 Recommended Nozzle size min 0.60MM 

 +/- 0.02mm or less average diameter variation

 0.02 mm or less out of round 

Resin Type : Virgin NatureWorks Ingeo PLA

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